Halfords Bargains!

Halfords have a 50% off sale at the moment including on roof boxes. When we went camping last year the boot was VERY full and the kids were packed in with the sleeping bags and various other bits and bobs for company.

We decided at the time that this year we would purchase a roof box to prevent overloading again but for a reasonable sized one you are talking almost £500!!!

Luckily I happened to see an advert on TV for Halfords which specifically mentioned roof boxes with 50% off!! Brilliant!

I order this little beauty. It will be here in the next week and I have saved over £220!

I realise that this is a very sad thing to post about but as I stride towards 40 these are the things that get me excited. :-)


The Author said…
Ah yes - the onset of sad middle age-dom!!! It's hilarious when your shopping habits change and you start to buy things that are suitable to a more sedate life style. One step closer to elasticated waist trousers!!!!

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