Naughty Alice

Alice loves Moshi Monsters. This is a website for 5-12 year olds where you adopt a monster and build it a house, make friends with other monsters and play games etc. It's like a safe, mini Facebook for children.

Victoria pays the £5 monthly subscription for Alice as a reward for going swimming each week, something which Alice is rather scared of. It's worth the money as Alice uses Moshi Monsters a lot.

Last week she tried logging on and got the error 'Account Suspended'. Strange I thought. I then got an email saying 'We are sorry you have cancelled your account...' etc etc. Even stranger I thought.

I mailed them back saying we don't want to cancel our account, just access it and why on earth have you suspended my daughters access. I have to admit I was a bit stroppy.

I then got the following mail by way of reply:

Greetings Moshi Parent!

Thank you for your query. Your child alicebriddon and all associated accounts were permanently suspended for inappropriate behaviour after they posted/attempted to post the following message(s) to another Monster Owner:

"add me or i will cill you"

I was appalled!!!! That's not how you spell kill!!

I asked Alice if she posted this message and immediately knew that the answer was yes even though she denied it. She eventually admitted it after we promised not to tell her off. Being suspended was the best punishment ever! It's not being handed out by us so we can't give in to her. She was devastated. I've never seen her so upset. She actually appears to have learned a lesson.

The hardest part was Alice not seeing Victoria and I laughing. It's not a nice thing for her to do but we are not exactly worried about her turning into a psycho. I'm pretty sure she didn't know what she was writing.

Anyway, now I am going to install a proxy server on my network so I can monitor everything she does on the internet. :-)


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