Wedding Anniversary London Trip - 16th October 2010

For our wedding anniversary my mother in law kindly furnished us with tickets to go and see Chicago at the Cambridge Theatre in London. This is a good thing as I know from seeing the film that Chicago is full of scantily dressed ladies singing and dancing for my pleasure. :-)

We got the 06:30 train from Chesterfield station and I was pleasantly surprised to find that the train has wireless internet that was free and that actually worked. Brilliant! The journey flew by.

We got to London in about 2 hours and had already decided to go see the Natural History Museum, so we jumped on the tube to South Kensington. After a quick breakfast in an Italian cafe/restaurant called Dino's which served the worlds best coffee we hit the museum.

I have to say it was a bit it and miss. The dinosaur section was best with loads to see. Skeletons, animatronic dinosaurs etc. It was great. We then moved onto the mammals section which was also very good, the highlight of which was a life-sized model of a Blue Whale. Wow those things are big!

The rest of the museum was not nearly as good. They had a great Earth exhibition you got to on an elevator which carried you through a metal sculpture of the earth and you got to stand in a model of a shop that shakes to show you what an earthquake is like but apart from that it is all stuffed animals. OK, but not great. Still, it's definitely worth a visit.

By now it was time for lunch. We were recommended a restaurant called 32 Great Queen Street. It looks like a cafe from the outside and a gastro pub from the inside but the food is fantastic. Good proper English food. I had Grilled Lambs Heart with Creamed Spinach and Victoria has roasted Partridge on Garlic Toast. Both were fantastic. The lambs heart just melted in the mouth and the garlic bread that the partridge sat on was possibly the most garlic tasting thing I have ever eaten.

Lunch for us both including a couple of drinks each came to just over £50 including tip which I though was very reasonable. I very much recommend you visit this restaurant if you are near Covent Garden.

Next we walked to the Cambridge Theatre to watch Chicago. It was excellent. There were indeed lots of scantily dressed ladies singing and dancing for my pleasure, but apart from that it is just a great show. Apparently it had someone from Eastenders in it but that means nothing to me. I just know that all the cast were very good.

Once the show was over we did a bit of shopping, this highlight of which was visiting Neil's Yard Dairy Cheese Shop. This place really stinks of cheese, in a good way, if you love cheese. On the other hand if you are Phil it will be your worst nightmare. We tried quite a few cheeses and bought a couple to take home, one of which was called 'Stinking Bishop'. It really lived up to it's name. We had to eat it quickly once we got it home as it was stinking out the fridge. Delicious though.

So that was our trip to London. We had a great time as we always do when we go to London. I think my favourite part was lunch. The restaurant is so understated and just do damn good. I am so pleased Chris recommended it to us.

Happy anniversary Victoria. :-)


The Author said…
Congratulations - and glad you had a lovely time. The Cheese Shop in Neal's yard is amazing - there are many lovely shops in that location X

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