Why We Blog

A few years ago everyone regularly posted to their blog site. You can see by the list on the right side of this webpage that I have links to friends who all have blogs and who all used to update them at least a few times a week.

Then came Facebook.

There is nothing wrong with Facebook but unfortunately it seems to have caused people to stop blogging and instead post to it's various walls and comment pages. I myself have spent many hours on Facebook doing exactly that but I have tried not to let it stop me blogging.

Why would I be so bothered about blogging when I can just use Facebook? Well Facebook is so transient. You see a comment or a status. You laugh or click the link. You 'like' or you comment. Then after a day or so the status falls off the bottom of the page and it's gone. Forever lost unless you can be bothered to manually go back through pages and pages of peoples posts to find the lost status you are looking for. Facebook is great for keeping in touch with or finding old friends. It's great for every day chatter. It is not good for keeping memories though.

The other day I was reading through some of my old posts and some of the posts on Victoria's webpage. I was amazed at how much stuff I'd forgotten. I've kept my blog for over 6 years and although the frequency of my posts rises and falls it pretty much covers every important event in my children's lives. It serves as a reminder of holidays, trips to London, Grand Prix weekend, concerts, theatre visits, restaurants, great nights out. The list goes on. Mostly it is a reminder of my children's lives from birth to birthdays and the amazingly funny things they do and say.

Children grow up at a frightening rate and all the little memories can so easily vanish. OK, so it is also full of my brainless mutterings but they are quite funny to read a few years on as well. :-)

So that is why I blog. If you have or are about to have children I strongly recommend you document the things they do for reading in later years. It's so easy to forget and having this modern day version of a diary is a great way to not only share their antics and pictures but it is also great to read yourself a few years down the line.

I just wonder what Alice and Amelia will think of it all when they eventually get round to reading it. :-)


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