British Grand Prix - Race - 6th July 2008

Yesterday was the day of the race. I was going to post something when we got home but we were too tired as we got up at 05:30 am to make sure we missed the traffic. It worked and we once again got to the circuit with ease.

Once again we grabbed some breakfast and decided to have a sit in our seats while we decided what to do for the morning. It was then that the rain started!

We were in a covered grandstand so in theory we should have been nice and dry but the rain was that really light rain that gets you very wet without noticing and the wind was blowing it right into the grandstand so we might as well have been stood in the rain. Still, we had waterproofs which kept us dry and we just sat waiting for the races to start while drinking coffee and hot chocolate.

It was a long wait until the main event but there was plenty to keep us occupied. Firstly there was the Formula BMW race which is a formula for very young drivers. They were all about 15 and most had never driven in the wet before so that made for a good race. When the winner got out of his car he was greeted by a big hug from not a gorgeous girlfriend but from his mum! LOL.

Next was the GP2 race. This is the racing formula that drivers go to before F1 and the all really want to look good and get that elusive F1 drive, so they try really hard. Once again the track was wet so this was another excellent race with Bruno Senna winning.

Following the GP2 was the Porsche Supercup. We went to get some lunch when this was on as it always seems a but dull to us and Porsche 911's are a bit plebby if you ask me. ;-)

Finally we get to the F1. The race started at 1pm but the cars were on the grid at about 12:30 along with all the drivers and many celebs, including Damon Hill, Sterling Moss (we are not worthy!) Murray Walker (also not worthy), Sarah Ferguson, Jodie Kidd, Davina McCall, Gordon Ramsey and many more. I have many pictures of the grid at this time and we are playing spot the celeb. It's a bit like Where's Wally!!

After the grid is cleared it is down to business.

As I said yesterday, Hamilton qualified 4th which was a bit disappointing, but we need not have worried. As soon as the race started he flew past Raikkonen and Webber and into second. He then passed his team mate Kovalainen a few laps later. Then for the rest of the race he flew round Silverstone while everyone else slipped off the track because of the water. It was a masterful drive. He won in the end with a lead of 68 seconds and had lapped everyone apart from 2nd and 3rd place. This was the sort of drive that you only see in a true driving genius. Senna could do it, Schumacher can do it and now Hamilton.

Although Raikkonen won the championship last year it was down to him having more experience, not being a better driver. He hates the rain and it showed this weekend as he struggled to find grip.

While we watched the race the crowd were going mad all the way through. The atmosphere was amazing and I have to say it was the best event I have ever been to.

Hopefully Hamilton (who now leads the championship again) will be able to rid himself of the pressure he has been under and the British tabloids will stop slagging him off so much. That way he can concentrate on winning his first championship!!

As I did last year, I can't recommend going to see a Grand Prix highly enough. It is an amazing experience and although the tickets may seem expensive you do get 3 good days of entertainment for the price. Unfortunately we have now decided that we like sitting on the start finish straight which happen to be the most expensive tickets so it will cost us loads whenever we go. Oh well, it's worth it!!

I took 587 photo's last year over the 3 days and this year I took 920! It is not easy to photograph something going past you at 200mph so you tend to take loads. As we were in a grandstand this year it was also difficult to avoid the posts holding up the roof which resulted in even more pics. I have not sorted through them and edited them yet but I will let you know when I have.


The Author said…
I'm glad you had a good time. It sounds very exciting and Hamilton won ...yaaaaaaayyyyyy

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