The Briddon's Are Going Camping

It sounds a bit like a National Lampoon movie but we have decided that we would like to go camping for a short holiday this year so the family Briddon have been to buy a tent this evening.

We went to Go Outdoors this evening to make our purchase and decided upon an Easy Camp Licata 600

Essentially we went for the biggest we could get without spending stupid money!

We also bought sleeping bags and air beds along with a few other bits and pieces and when we got home we booked 3 nights at The Willows in Abersoch, north Wales. It has easy access to the beach and other attractions and looks like a nice place to spend a few days.

So, we can't wait for 2 weeks time when we toddle off. Before then we still have a few things to buy so we will be making more trips to Go Outdoors as they were so very helpful today.


The Author said…
After everything you said about me getting a caravan!!! You'll have the best time !!!

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