Operation Certain Death......is no more.

It's true! For me at least Operation Certain Death is not going to happen.

I have had to pay out a fortune this year for various things and recently our kitchen has sprung a leak which essentially means we are having a whole new kitchen, and what with the increase in the cost of the flights I just can't afford it.

I am extremely disappointed and feeling rather pissed off about it but these things happen.

Still, I have discovered a love of walking and my brother (who is still going) will be planning another trip next year so maybe that will work out better.

Hey ho!


Chris said…
Sorry to hear this, that really sucks given the effort you've put it and money you've spent already.
Victoria said…
I'm really sorry you're not going too, I think it would have been good for you.xx
The Author said…
You'll get there next year mate - it's hard when things don't work out as you wish - but there's usually a really good reason - the universe gives you exactly what you need !!! What's the new kitchen like???
David Callaghan said…
Just think of the wonderful meals your new kitchen will provide... and oh yeah... GADGETS


Double Sized Fridge Freezer - for your beers Naturally

Ice maker - for your Gin and Tonics of course

Wine Rack - erm what can you put in that????

You can get LCD TVs built into the underneath of the units if you so desire

I would recommend a toaster which supports 4 slices of toast - always wanted one my self. Then you can make a "toast" to your brother when he gets to the top of the mountain :)

Note: I have signed this as myself, so fingers crossed the comment wont get removed this time

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