British Grand Prix - Qualifying - 5th July 2008

Today was day 2 of our British Grand Prix 2008 trip and day 2 means qualifying.

As the traffic was so bad last year Victoria and I decided to leave the hotel early to avoid as much of it as possible, so we left at 06:45 and got to Silverstone at 07:15. A VERY good trip time.

We got to the track and the first thing we did was get a breakfast butty. Well, I had a breakfast butty but Victoria had a curry!! :-)

We decided to eat these in the stands so sat in Luffield B which is where we wanted to be for today. As soon as we sat down it started pissing it down. It was also windy and cold. We were freezing.

Luckily we were in a covered grandstand so we just had to wait it out. It was very cold though!!

At 10am the F1 Saturday practice started, followed by Porsche Supercars qualifying and then the F1 qualifying which was the big show of the day.

Unfortunately Lewis Hamilton lost the car near the end of a fast lap, as you can see in the picture above, and so only qualified fourth. Still, the race is winnable from there and he is so very good. :-)

Tomorrow is race day. We will be say right on the start/finish line so have the best view possible. We are rather looking forward to it.

Go Lewis!!!!!


The Author said…
Sounds like you are having the best time :) Am now waiting for the next post to find out what happened?

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