Amelia News!!!!

Big news regarding Amelia this weekend! She has been a little grumpy recently which is not at all like her and her gums have been rather hard. Coupled with the almost constant stream of drool emanating from her mouth and we knew teeth were on the way!!!

Yesterday I was playing with Amelia when I saw in her mouth a little flash of white and when I investigated I found the little sprout of a first tooth!! Victoria and I were very excited!!!!

This morning we had another look and what do you know, there was another right next to the first!!! This second tooth was not really unexpected as they normally come through in pairs but it was exciting all the same.

So, we have two front teeth on the bottom jaw sprouting. I will take pictures when possible, which is not yet as whenever I try to open Amelia's mouth to get a good look she sticks out her tongue!

Updates as they happen! :-)


The Author said…
How lovely - now you just have to be careful that you don't get bitten!!!!

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