British Grand Prix - Friday Practice - 4th July 2008

It's here at last!!! Time for Victoria and I to pay a visit to the British Grand Prix. This year we have the best tickets in the house, right on the start/finish line.

We dropped off the kids at my mum's at 7am and got to Silverstone at 10ish. We went straight to our seats to watch the first practice and were annoyed to find that Mclaren, who would normally have been stationed directly in front of our seats are now way down the pitlane thanks to whore beating nazi Max Mosley. I must write to hit to tell him that I hate him and hope he burns in hell. :-)

Still, out seats are amazing!!

We then walked round the track, as we did last year, sitting in all the grandstands so that we know where the best seats are. Luffield and Woodcote seem like good candidates for next year!

While we were doing this we watched Formula BMW practice, GP2 Practice and the second F1 practice. All good stuff.

After 2nd practice we headed off to our hotel, which seems nice and has free internet which I am using now!

More fun tomorrow for qualifying. Today was busy but tomorrow is a sell out, as is race day. It will be really busy so we will be getting up early to get there while avoiding the worst of the traffic.

Go Lewis I say!!!!


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