Bruce Springsteen - Sheffield Arena

Victoria and I went to see Bruce Springsteen at the Sheffield Arena last night. He is touring behind his 'Seeger Sessions' album 'We Shall Overcome'.

As I have said in my review of the album, the music he is playing at the moment is cover versions of American Folk songs. He's trying to pay homage to the people who created the type of music he plays.

Victoria and I love the album and were looking forward to hearing it live.

Our tickets were in the standing area of the arena so we got nice and close. Victoria being quite little had a few issues seeing the stage but this was rectified by the tall woman standing in front of her fainting.

Bruce and his band came on at about 20:15 and the first this I thought was 'my god, there are loads of them'. I think there were about 16 band members plus Bruce himself. It made the stage look rather small and gave this rather large venue a kind of intimate feel.

The first song he sang was 'Blinded By The Light'. This was track one from his first album in 1972 so I was pleased he was singing some of his older songs. He actually did quite a few of his own songs including 'The River', 'Adam Raised A Cain', 'Atlantic City' and others. These were all done in a Seeger Sessions way to fit in with the rest of the music. This meant that I only recognised many of the songs by the lyrics. The new versions were amazing though. The rest of the songs were mainly from the 'Seeger Sessions' album.

The amazing thing about this show was the band. They were all so bloody talented. They were all obviously enjoying themselves and they could all play like they had sold their souls to the devil.

The music was totally acoustic. The instruments being used were trombones, trumpets, tubas, violins, penny whistle, acoustic guitars, banjo's, piano , harmonica and accordion. There was also a tin can on a piece of string and a washboard. I think that the accordion player was very happy that his years of practice had finally payed off as he was looking very cool.

The sound they all made together was fantastic. The horn section and the violins were especially good, as was the banjo. Actually they were all amazing.

Bruce played for nearly 3 hours and the crowd were all tired at the end. At least Victoria and I were. We got home at about midnight and just collapsed.

This was probably the best concert I have ever been to. There are many people who say they don't like Bruce Springsteen but I challenge anyone who loves music not to have enjoyed this show. It may be me getting older but I feel you just can't beat well played acoustic music, and I think that all bands should have a horns section!!

I know I can't tell you all to go and catch the show as there are only 4 nights left on the tour, they are all in Ireland and they have been sold out for months. I can however suggest you get a copy of the album. Even if you don't like his music, give it a go.

For those interested, here is the entire set list :

Setlist: Blinded By the Light/John Henry/Old Dan Tucker/Adam Raised a Cain/The River/Jesse James/O Mary Don't You Weep/Youngstown/Erie Canal/My Oklahoma Home/Atlantic City/Devils & Dust/Mrs. McGrath/How Can a Poor Man Stand Such Times and Live?/Jacob's Ladder/Growin' Up/Open All Night/Pay Me My Money Down
Encore: Bring 'Em Home/You Can Look (But You Better Not Touch)/When the Saints Go Marching In/This Little Light of Mine/American Land/Froggie Went A Courtin'

Next : Jooles Holland on the 18th December at the City Hall!!!


The Author said…
I will download it from itunes and listen with interest!!!
Anonymous said…
Never been into the Springster (as only I call him). But then I've only really heard a couple of his songs, ages ago, didn't like them, and so steered well clear. Maybe I'll give the new album ago though. It would be a shame if you accidentally brought the MP3s in to work wouldn't it, then I would miss out on the purchasing experience! Hopefully that won't happen!
Seen Jools Holland live before. Good fun so it was.

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