Movie Review - Casino Royale

Victoria and I watched 'Casino Royale' this weekend. Neither of us were expecting much of this film as we had heard before that they were 'Restarting the Bond series' and that this time it would be 'a harder, more human bond'. They said it with 'Die Another Day' and apart from a great opening it was poo!!

The new film starts in black and white and has Bond hiding in a room while his victim arrives home. The pre-credits sequence is a conversation between our hero and his intended victim which cleverly tells us where we are in Bond's history. He is an assasin working for MI-6. He is not yet a '00' and he has not killed many people. This conversation is cleverly cut with a grainy black and white fight scene where we see Bond make his first kill. All in all an excellent opener.

After the credits and us having to listen the the terrible theme song, Bond has been given '00' status and 'M' does not seem to think he will last long.

His first mission is to go to the Casino Royale and beat the baddie at a 100 million dollar poker game. This will stop the bad guy from using the money to fund terrorism and force him to come to MI-6 for help.

Much of the film is set during this poker game but as it lasts for several days there is lots for Bond to do when not sat at the table.

The whole film is so much better than the rubbish we have been watching for the last few movies. There are very few gadgets, lots of far more realistic fights, Bond gets beaten up and actually has cuts and bruises on his face, and the story is much more plot driven. I think that for the first time we have seen something resembling Flemming's character on screen.

Daniel Craig is excellent. Anyone who was moaning about the choice of actor will surely have changed their minds by the end of this film. He actually looks like he would be good in a fight, and he looks like he would kick your ass!!

'Casino Royale' gets a big thumbs up from the Briddon household.

The Good :
The chase scene over the tops of buildings.
Daniel Craig
The fight scenes
The plot
Eva Green

The Bad :
The terrible theme song


Rach said…
I agree - excellent film. However, also to go in the 'bad' list:

excessive Sony product placement
Yes I have to agree. Evil Sony did get a bit in your face.
OboeJane said…
And DC's weird posh spice pouty mouth

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