Alice la Exploradora

Alice is learning to speak at an alarming rate. She seems to pick up words every day and is stringing them together in sentences more and more.

Counting though is more of an issue.

She knows all the numbers and can recognise them in books but she seems to have a blind spot after three and before eight. She goes 1,2,3,8,9,10, 11, 12, 13, 14.

You can imagine our surprise then when we heard her counting to 5 in spanish!! Victoria also heard her saying 'ay├║deme' as well during the day. We thought it was a new word that she could not yet pronounce but no, it was later discovered that it means 'Help Me' in spanish. She was also jumping up and down saying 'salto' which we later realised was spanish for 'jump' and she has also been heard to say 'subia' which is 'climb' in spanish.

Where was she getting these phrases we wondered? Neither Victoria or I know any spanish beyond hello, thankyou, beer and a few looked up in a dictionary swear words.

The answer is that she has been watching 'Dora The Explorer'. For those who don't know, this is a hateful kids program from America about a massive headed latin american girl who goes on pointless adventures with her friend Boots the monkey. It's mostly in english but they meet spanish speaking characters along the way and Alice has obviously been picking up both languages.

This can't be a bad thing and it is amazing to see how quickly and naturally she picks up two languages at the same time and is able to differentiate between the two. It does however make Victoria and I look a bit thick!! :-)


The Author said…
A 2 year old has the ability to make you look thick? Well, you said it!!! :)

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