Alice's 2nd Birthday

Wednesday was Alice's second birthday. Two years since she was born. How time flies!!

Victoria and I tried to start her day with a rousing chorus of 'Happy Birthday' but she looked scared and about to cry so we stopped. Oh well, she has obviously not developed a taste for good singing yet. :-)

Victoria had put up balloons and banners the evening before and Alice was very excited to see them. Unlike her first birthday she now loves balloons.

We opened her presents first. We bought Alice lots of Peppa Pig toys, including a remote controlled Peppa Pig car. OK, so it's a bit childish but at least it's a remote controlled car. :-)

She also got lots of other pressies from lots of other people. Thanks to you all.

For her birthday trip we decided to take her to the newly re-opend Western Park Museum. It's been almost totally rebuilt but still has many of the same exhibits that I remember as a child, the balding lion for instance!

There was plenty for Alice to enjoy and I'd recommend it to anyone, either with or without kids, and I can recommend the cafe which is where we had lunch afterwards.

Alice is having an actual birthday party today (Friday the 3rd) which will be starting about the time I am typing this (13:50) and Victoria has made an amazing cake for her. You will notice that it is a chocolate cake.

As an amazing coincidence we had our new settee's delivered yesterday. I'm very worried about there being lots of 2 year olds with chocolate covered hands in my house. Time to start praying I think!!

Happy birthday Alice. :-)


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