End of the day for '24'

End of the day for '24' - Entertainment News, TV News, Media - Variety

I love 24 but I am pleased it has been cancelled. They really do seem to have lost their way over the past few seasons and this years plot is so bad that we would probably not bother watching a ninth season.

One has to wonder if they would be carrying on if they had given the viewers what they want to see, which is Jack killing people in amusing ways, Jack torturing people, Jack being tortured and then coming back and killing/torturing the baddies who tortured him. You get the idea.....

Instead what we have had is Jack spending 2 or 3 episodes sat in a car following some mad bint around while she goes all weepy and 'My life's not worth living'. Do us a favour love, here's a gun, go sort yourself out.

Anyway, season 3 was the best and 6, 7 and 8 are pants.

Goodbye Jack. You will be missed.


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