3D Cinema - What A Con!

Alice wants me to take her to the cinema to see the new Alice In Wonderland film. This I don't mind as I like Tim Burton films and although I don't like going to the cinema due to there being other people there watching the film it is an exciting trip for Alice which makes it worth going.

Alice in Wonderland is showing in 3D. I have not been to the cinema to see a 3D film since Jaws 3D and thought this would be a good re-introduction.

I logged onto the Cineworld website to check show times etc and was shocked to see that it cost £9 for an adult and £6.70 for a child to see a 3D film plus 80p for a pair of 3D glasses. A frickin tenner to see a film!!

You can see the 2D version for £4.70.

What a rip-off! I am not sure how current 3D projection technology works but let's face it, the cost is going to be a couple of new projectors at most and the fact that the film is in 3D will mean that more people will come to see it, paying for the cost. Charging double to see the same film AND charging 80p for glasses to actually allow you to watch the film you have paid to see is a massive con.

What the cinemas need to remember is that 3D is the current trend but it may (as it has several times in the past, it is not a new technology) fade into obscurity and people will no longer pay such stupid amounts to see a film.

What people seem to also be forgetting is that if a film is good it will be good in 3D or 2D. Special effects will not make a bad film good.

Now, I wonder why film piracy is soaring? Can anyone think?


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