BBC News - Lords rebuff Mandelson call for Ashcroft inquiry

BBC News - Lords rebuff Mandelson call for Ashcroft inquiry

Mandelson needs to keep quiet as an inquiry would surely show how many Labour peers are non-doms!

What I want an inquiry on is how come the Torys only have a small lead in the polls when they are up against the worst government in this countries history, and I include the previous Labour government when I say that and they were pretty bad!

I know Cameron is a bit of a pratt but he's up against Brown for fucks sake!


Chris said…
I qualify this by saying I've never voted Labour or Tory and never will (I imagine): Most people only seem to consider voting for Tory or Labour so let's put those other parties to one side. Both parties are full of idiots and arseholes, our economy would have been equally fucked whichever was in charge during the credit crunch, both parties are full of liars (the Tory's aren't in power yet and they're caught in one of their same old sleaze stories, lying about this tax dodging scum - at least Labour were honest about their tax dodging scum!). The only slight difference between the two is that the Tory's put the interests of corporations and the rich first, whereas Labour are better at least at pretending to care about making the country better for *all* (despite odious sacks of shit like Mandy oozing up to the uber rich and splaying the cheeks of the country for them to better fuck) even if their performance in this area has been questionable.
And you know one of the worst things about Labour was Tony Blair - a salesman who didn't really stand for anything and would exploit any situation to help Labour win power or help him gain acceptance in the US. Remind you of anyone?! Cameron is Tony Blair 2.0. Cameron even has a piece of shit former tabloid editor as his press man like Blair did. Maybe the population are just sick of vacuous salesmen?
Simple as that in my humble opinion. Don't suppose you'll agree, but just putting the other point across. To me the real question is why aren't *both* parties dead in the polls.
All I know is that nobody can be as bad as Brown and his butt-monkeys. The country needs a change and the lib dems are not going to get in so it's the torys or nobody.

Seriously, if Labour get in again I will be considering whether to stay in the uk or not.

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