BBC News - Pope Benedict says Catholic Church must 'do penance'

BBC News - Pope Benedict says Catholic Church must 'do penance'

According his popeship this penance involves "opening oneself up to forgiveness, preparing oneself for forgiveness and allowing oneself to be transformed."

Nothing then.

How about the richest nation/organisation/cult on the planet makes financial restitution to it's countless victims instead of this crap. Penance should surely be something that is hard to do. I also think that this penance should not fall on the shoulders of Catholics in general but on the members of the church. After all they are the frock wearing kiddie-fiddling perverts who commit these crimes.

Seriously, this is surely the most insidious organisation on the planet. Isn't it time it was ended? Imagine all the good that could be done if their VAST assets were used to help the poor! Imagine how grateful museums around the world would be if all the artifacts hidden away in the Vatican were redistributed. After all they are only hidden away to hide the terrible truths about the Catholic church.

One fact to end with. I bet you can't guess where in the world has the lowest age of consent? Yes folks it's true. The Vatican has an age of consent of 12. Kind of sums up the whole religion really doesn't it.


The Author said…
I agree with everything you say here Christain. I am a Roman Catholic and quite frankly am ashamed of that fact. However - there are millions of good holy people who are members of this church - as there are with all religions. Every religion has its bad and its good. Some humans will always exploit, and use positions of power for self advancement and greed. That's life I'm afraid. Remember Mother Theresa? She embodied what the Catholic religion should be about.
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It's not the catholic people I dislike, it's the church that I have a problem with.

The catholic people are just deluded.

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