A General Life Update

The last time I posted a 'proper' update was the 23rd December! That was 4 month's ago! I am so lazy!

Back then we were all homeless after selling our house in Dronfield so that the buyer did not pull out and we could not yet move into our new house as all the worlds solicitors and estate agents are a bunch of useless tossers.

In the end it was the 14th of January that we moved into our new house. Exactly 1 month after we left the last one. The solicitors/estate agents were being useless so I insisted on having the vendors phone number and I managed to sort out all the obstacles in about 10 minutes.

So we were all set to move in on the 14th but unfortunately the nice (and definitely not useless) people at SBS removals could not deliver our furniture until the 18th. Bugger! Still, we didn't care and as we had our camping gear at my mum's we spent 4 days sitting on camping chairs and sleeping on airbeds. At least we were in.

The furniture was delivered on the 18th as promised as we are now all settled in.

Well, I say settled in.....Out house is great but it's decor has not been changed since the 1970's. This means that it needs a little money spending on it. The carpets for example are beyond terrible as you can see from this picture of Alice in our lounge. Notice as well the 70's style fireplace to the right and the 70's style doors I am taking the pictures through. Not good!

So, we have recently begun making changes to the house. Firstly we added extra plug sockets, network cables and sockets and extra Sky/TV cables around the house. We then had the 70's style doors between the dining room and the lounge removed and blocked up and this weekend we had the wall dividing the kitchen and dining room removed, giving us a MASSIVE kitchen. We went from this to this. It still needs plastering, decorating and the floor replacing but it's nearly there. Next all we have to do is replace every carpet in the house as they are all really nasty.

So, that is my update. I hope you now feel better informed on the exciting world of the Briddon family.

I have not been adding much to the site recently as I've just been really busy. I have not been taking many photographs either but still have pictures from November to edit and upload. Normal blogging and photo services will resume shortly.


The Author said…
I'm glad to hear that you will be scribing again soon. and could you ask your wife to do the same please? I have nothing to read :)

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