American Cuisine

I found this web page at lunch.

We recently had someone from the US come over to our office and he was telling us how good food is in America. When asked for examples he listed a number of fast food 'restaurants' and suggested something called 'Sliders'. These are apparently small versions of bigger food. Being America this just means they eat 30 of them instead of 20! :-) The joy according to this chap is the way the fat soaks from one bugger to the next. Nice.

Anyway, the link lists the 30 worst foods in America. I can't believe that most of them are legal.

My personal favourite is the Large Chocolate Oreo Shake which weighs in at a staggering 2600 calories!!

Check out the entire list and tell me if you are still hungry after. :-)


The Author said…
Where can I get this shake here in the UK :)

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