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All Gone
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So I've gone and done it! With 2 weeks of holiday ahead of me last night I shaved my head.

As I said below, I've always wanted to do this, just once, to see what I would look like.

It's actually very hard to shave your head. I started with the clippers and went down to a number 1 all over (via a Mr T style mohawk of course) and then I used my razor to do the rest. Unlike your face, the top of your head is very boney and dome shaped. This means that when you shave you just remove a thin strip of hair. It's also easy to cut yourself.

Still, all done now. It's a very strange feeling to have no hair for the first time. It feels very sensitive to heat, moisture etc. I have to admit that I can't stop touching it.

I went running this morning and it felt great to have lots of excess heat escape from my head. It was also nice to feel the wind as well.

So, I think my head shaving experiment is a total success. I have seen what I look like bald and I am enjoying the experience.

I'm now interested to see how long it takes to grow back, and if it grows at the same rate and my facial hair. I'll keep you informed.


Anonymous said…
Oh my god its Victor Meldrew lookaliky!!! xxx Melissa
The Author said…
You look like a bank robber :)
The Author said…
Has it grown back yet?
Fifilatrix said…
oh my goodness !
does the beauiful Victoria hate it as much as i do ? were your delicious girls scared ?
i hope your beautiful hair grows back very quickly.

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