Apple demands public apology for iPhone parody • The Register

Apple demands public apology for iPhone parody • The Register

Oh dear. Apple really have had a humour-ectamy. How stupid do they look after moaning about this frankly bit rubbish parody?

As Jon Stewart says at the bottom of the article, Apple used to be the good guys but now they are turning into 'The Man'. They are now the evil empire and everyone else is the Rebel Alliance. Even Microsoft look more benevolent.

Apple don't even really innovate these days. OK, so they had the iPod which is a stunning piece of design which popularised the MP3 player but it was not the first mp3 player by any means. They brought us the iphone which is also a stunning device, even though it is looking a bit dated these days, but it is once again, not the first smartphone. Now we have the iPad. A lovely looking piece of kit but lets face it, it's an ipod touch with a big screen. All they seem to do these days is make things thinner!

Their products are also SO expensive, especially in the UK. They are annoying in the fact that you can't change the battery on most of them and let's hope that you don't want to install anything that that Apple has not approved.

All the apps for the iPhone are heavily controlled by Apple and they change their terms and conditions so often that people who are one day making a good living out of writing iPhone apps are the next day out of a job. Don't get me started on their hatred of Flash. They seem to forget that Adobe wrote alot of the software that popularised Apple computers such as Photoshop.

As I have said before it is obvious to me that they are moving towards providing all software for all their devices (including PC's laptops etc) via iTunes so that they can regulate everything, reducing the amount of control their users have over their machines, and yet people still harp on about how great Apple are.

I own and old ipod and I own an iPhone. I dearly love my iPhone but when my contract runs out in December I will not be buying another. I will be heading to Android or Windows 7 Mobile. As much as I love my iPhone I just really hate Apple and have no intention of ever giving them any more of my cash.

Unfortunately Victoria also loves HER iPhone and she is already excited about getting a new one in October when her contract runs out, so it looks like Jobs and his cult will be getting a little more cash from me. :-(


Kris said…
Sony Ericsson next then?


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