Alice's First School Play - The Lion King - 9th July 2010

Last week it was Alice's first ever school play. The entire school was involved in a production of The Lion King.

The play was actually quite good. You started in the school hall for the first part and then moved around the school grounds for the subsequent parts. Everyone in the school was involved so it allows Alice and her little chums to work with the older children.

Alice played a vulture in the play. She had to dance around an injured Simba while looking menacing. She was excellent. Easily the best vulture and I'm sure I'm not just saying that because I am bias. :-) Alice is not one for standing up in front of people. I think she gets very nervous. This means she did extra well as she was very good.

We really enjoyed the play. I did however expect the lawyers from the Simpson's to suddenly appear and say something like 'This song is the property of the Disney corporation.....'. There were many copyright violations. :-)

Pictures are available here.

Well done Alice. :-)


The Author said…
She looks fabulous :)

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