Lewis Hamilton Fails To Finish In China

Lewis Hamilton could have been world champion this afternoon but he failed to finish. He stayed out on old tyres for too long and when he did come in to pit he slipped off the road and got stuck in the gravel. Not the best way to finish a race!!!

It was the choice of the team as well as Hamilton to stay out so they are all to blame and they all seemed gutted when he failed to finish the race.

It's not all over yet though. He is still 4 points ahead of Alonso (cough Tosser) and 7 points ahead of Raikkonen so all he has to do in the final race in Brazil in 2 weeks is to finish in the top 3. Not impossible by any means.

It does however mean that Victoria and I have another two stressful weeks wondering of Hamilton will win the championship or not.

Honestly, after the last 2 races I'm not sure our hearts can take it. :-)


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