No Longer An IKEA Virgin

As you all know we have another little bundle of joy on the way with an arrival time of mid January. As we only live in a 3 bedroom semi this also means that for the second time I am being kicked out of my office and have to find another home for my beloved PC's.

The servers have found a convenient place to live under the stairs and I don't actually know why I didn't put them there sooner as it keeps them out of the way.

The PC Victoria and I actually use though will be living in the dining room and as we needed some furniture to put it on Victoria finally had an excuse to get me to go to IKEA.

I have tried to avoid visiting IKEA for years. I had an image of a busy, full of chavs, hot furniture shop and that I would hate it and want to kill myself. I also have been told that this view is actually correct! However, needs must and I can't expect Victoria to carry furniture in her baby carrying situation.

Phil had told me the day before that I will hate IKEA and that I should take an iPod with me. He said it was indeed hell on earth and that I should do what I can to get out of going. Sadly nothing I tried was going to work.

We decided to get their when the store opened so that hopefully it would not be too busy and my god if we were not right. We cruised straight up to a baby parking space right outside the door and just wandered in. The shop was like the car park, practically empty, so we just walked round with ease casually looking at the furniture. We chose what we wanted, collected it, paid for it, had breakfast for 95p and left. Nice and easy, not too many people there, sorted!!! Of course I had to sit in the back of the car, not the back seats but on one of the pull out seats in the boot!! It was actually quite comfy as the normal back seats were pushed forward so I had loads of legroom. There is a picture of my view here and you can see a picture of the built desk above. Sorry for the weird picture angle but behind me are all Alice's toys so I could not get a better one. :-)

My IKEA experience was not too bad but I can imagine that if we had arrived an hour later it would have been hell, so if you really must go to this place it looks like a Saturday morning is the time to do it.


Liv said…
I went to Ikea recently on a Sunday morning and arrived as it opened. The car park was quite full already, as was the store (it got a lot worse between 10 and 11 though). The tills didn't open til 11 anyway. It was a total nightmare. Hordes of people blocking the very bits you wanted to look at and many many screaming children running amok. I went back on a Monday night though, and while still not what I would term a pleasant experience, it was okay as there were fewer people. The car park still managed to be completely full though. I love all the bits you can get in Ikea, but I am not sure it is worth the trauma of having to go there ...
The Author said…
I'm very impressed that you went to ikea. I actually quite like Ikea and will wonders never have bought the same desk as me!!!! Great taste mate, great minds think alike!!!! The cupboard is much better than drawers - you can get so much more in there!!! Mind you because I have an i-mac I don't have that big computer box thingy taking up my leg room underneath. I also pinned my cables to the back edge of the desk top so you can't see trailing wires...I'm a bit funny about trailing wires. This particular desk is one of about 5 that they sell which is shorter than a usual desk size so it fits into smaller alcoves...I assume you measured the space before you went? (What an anorak I am!)

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