The Japanese Grand Prix

This weekend it was the Japanese Grand Prix. This is normally held at the Suzuka circuit owned by Honda but Toyota were getting a little annoyed by this and so this year it was held at their Fuji Speedway circuit.

This circuit is well known for being more than a little wet and yesterday was no exception.

Qualifying was very foggy and the track was damp. Lewis Hamilton got pole by beating Fernando Alonso on his last qualifying lap. A prime example of good triumphing over evil if I ever saw one. :-)

Race day was VERY wet. There was a chance that the race would be abandoned!! In the end they decided to start it behind the safety car as a standing start would be too dangerous.

The cars were behind the safety car for about 19 laps and when it came off Hamilton drove a faultless race in the most horrendous conditions ever. There was one scary moment when Robert Kubica clipped Hamilton and sent him spinning off the track but he soon regained the lead.

Professional wanker Fernando Alonso however had obviously not sacrificed enough babies to his evil overlord this weekend as he managed to plant his car into the wall which ended his race. Victoria and I did so laugh!!!

After Alonso crashed they brought out the safety car again, during which Sebastian Vettel managed to drive his Torro Rosso into the back of Mark Webber's Red Bull. As these two teams are stablemates this was not a good thing for Vettel to do and he has been dropped 10 qualifying places for next weeks Chinese GP. It also caused Webber to say the word 'Fuck' on live TV which was nice.

Anyway, after 2 very tense hours Hamilton won the race. He is now 12 points ahead of Alonso and unless something really bad happens he will be world champion in his rookie year, something that has never happened before.

If he does not win it now I will be in such a bad mood!! :-)


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