At Least It Wasn't Alonso.....

OK, so I am upset that Lewis Hamilton is not F1 world champion in his first season. I truly believe he deserved to win in spite of some setup issues throughout the year caused by his inexperience and a few questionable judgement calls (pit NOW Lewis!!!). He is the most amazing rookie driver I have ever seen in my many many years of watching F1 and I can tell you all that he will win multiple championships in the years to come.

What has cheered me up though is that Fernando Alonso did not win the championship either. I started out being a big Alonso fan and at the beginning of the season I wanted him to win, but his childlike behaviour all year has turned me totally against him. Luckily all but the Spanish F1 fans feel the same so he will hopefully be driving a much worse car next year after alienating his entire team. Maybe he won't get a drive at all and will have to become a cheap male prostitute to pay his way, which I'm sure he would not mind what with him being a cock sucking wanker!!

The winner, Kimi Raikkonen does deserve to finally get a championship. Personally I think he is overrated and he does nothing to promote the sport as well as being possibly the most boring man on earth (if Alice can't sleep we play at tape of him talking and it sends her straight off), but he is consistant and has nearly won several times before. We can let him have him moment before Lewis kicks his ass next year. :-)

The person who was most upset by Hamilton not winning seemed to be Alice, who kept asking during the podium "Where is Lewis Hamilton" and seemed very upset when we told her he did not win. We have also taught her to boo when Alonso is on TV. :-)

Now, when is the next race? April?!?!? Bugger!!!


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