Formula 1 To Return To The BBC

I heard great news on Radio 4 driving into work this morning! Formula 1 is to return to the BBC from next year for at least 5 years!!!

This means no adverts every 5 minutes and hopefully the return of Fleetwood Mac's 'The Chain' as the theme tune!!!!

I love the BBC recently. I used to resent having to pay them a licence fee. Over recent years though I have been loving the BBC and if it means they have the F1 I am now even happier to pay my £110 (or however much it is) per year. As I pay Sky £25 per month to broadcast 900 channels of shit I think that paying the BBC £10 a month for 5 channels of quality plus Radio 4 and the best news website ever is a bargain!!

Well done to you all! Just make sure you keep Martin Brundle for the commentary!!


Victoria said…
yeh,but they can ditch James Allen - Alice can commentate better than him!

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