Victoria and I watched Delia Smith's new TV show last night. It is just called 'Delia' and the idea is to show you how to cook quickly and easily.

I have never liked Delia Smith. She is very patronising (at one time showing how to cook toast) and I think she has horrible hands which would prevent me from eating anything she had ever touched. :-) I was also delighted when she was pissed and making a fool of herself on national TV at the Norwich football ground. Very funny.

However, Victoria and everyone who knows much more about cooking than I say she has very good tips and I have to admit I have enjoyed her recipes in the past.

So, the new show. Sounds just like Nigella Express doesn't it? Well it is a blatant rip off of Nigella Express. The difference here is that Delia is cooking crap.

I'm not saying that Nigella Express was Nigella Lawson's best work. Far from it, but at least you can imagine her taking short cuts and the recipes in the book were much better than the ones show on TV.

When I say Delia is cooking crap in her new show let me explain by telling you how she cooked her easy version of a Shepherds Pie.

Take some diced onions and carrots and fry in a pan. Once cooked add these to a bowl of freshly opened tinned cooked mince meat in some plastic looking gravy. Mix it all up and put it in a flat dish. Then, take the frozen mashed potato out of the freezer and distribute the discs of mashed spud over the top of the mince goop. Sprinkle pre-grated cheese on top and bake for 30 minutes.

Tinned cooked mince? Bleugh.

Another 'recipe' had her cooking posh oven chips and sprinkling some peppers on top and calling it a meal. Crazy!!!

This show is even shot like it was a Nigella Lawson show, with the same camera angles, music and false views into her every day life.

To be honest I think this is Delia Smith's last ditch attempt to jump on a band wagon that has long gone past. You could tell when she was trying to convince you that tinned mince was good that she did not believe it herself and was even possibly dying a little inside.

Final words? Crap show, crap cook, crap food!


Chris said…
I concur, that show was a load of crap. And the cost of it too, that salmon and quail egg pie at the start must have cost near enough 20 quid just for the pre-packaged ingredients she was throwing in!

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