Can Anyone Say 'Hypocrite'

The Catholic church today decided to update the original seven deadly sins to make them more applicable to modern society.

Included in this highly predictable list is 'Accumulating excessive wealth'.

Correct me if I am wrong (and I know I am not) but isn't the Catholic church the wealthiest organisation on the planet? Have they not amassed a vast amount of wealth with their regular collections very week in churches around the world, taking money from not only the well off but also from people who can barely afford to eat? Guilting them into handing over hard earned cash in an effort to get to heaven!

Another of the new sins says we should not 'Inflict Poverty'.

I saw a programme on Discovery or some similar channel about the effects of the Catholic church barring it's members from using contraception. There were people living in total poverty in Brazil. They were living in shacks in the shanty towns, whole families huddled together in one room. These people were all Catholic and as such were not allowed to use contraceptives. The result of this was that these already poor people were having 8 or 9 children. They could not feed them and many of them died. The ones that survived just added to the over crowding.

Does this not count as 'Inflicting Poverty'? Also, why are the Catholic church not spending all their not so hard earned cash on the poor?

Honestly, this sort of thing makes me want to puke. I do believe in God but I am really not a fan of religion, especially the Catholic church. I apologise to any offended Catholics but it is not you I don't like, it is the church you follow.

I just hope that these self-important frock wearing tossers have condemned themselves to hell with these 'new sins'.

Just as a little post-script to end my first and probably last post on religion, has anyone actually read the bible? I have. Every word. Apart from being REALLY boring it is sick. The god in the bible mainly burns people alive but also likes drowning them and strangely enough enjoys making them eat their own shit and drink their own piss. Just the deity to base a religion on!!


Chris said…
Aye, nearly choked on my muesli when I heard about that "accumulation of wealth" line. What an extraordinary thing for them to say.
Anonymous said…
I hate you
Anonymous said…
I still like you
The Author said…
I know what you mean about the catholics - as I am one - but you have to admit - they do have some spectacular robes :)

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