I'm So Embarrassed

I was just walking down the office back to my desk when I coughed and accidentally farted. It was not a quiet fart but a cheek rattling noisy one!

I was walking past a group of occupied desks at the time and I am sure someone must have heard it. Instead of apologising I just kept walking.

I am so embarrassed! I may have to quit my job!!


Chris said…
At least you didn't shit yourself.
The Author said…
Ha ha ha ha ha ha - it's age you know - you lose control of your bowels and bladder!!! I'm laughing - a lot :)
Victoria said…
I laughed out loud so much when I read this that Alice cried! She must have been feeling your shame!

You do seem to trump a lot by mistake, maybe there are some ass strengthening exercises that you could do!! :)

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