Amelia's Christening

OK, so this post is a little late but I have been ill all week. In fact I am still ill now but thought a post would do me good. :-)

Amelia was Christened last Sunday (28th September) at Dronfield Methodist Church. We had a really great day and it was nice to see so many people who don't normally all get together in the same place.

The Christening was at 11am so we arrived at 10:45. The service started dead on time and the Christening part was about 15 minutes in.

Amelia was a little angel during the ceremony. She was laughing and trying to grab the vicar's nose and then fell asleep for 40 minutes after her part was done!

Victoria and I had asked Tracy and Tim to be Godparents and we were very pleased when they both said yes. They both did their bit very well. Actually nobody read the wrong bit at all which is unusual as normally I mess it up. :-)

After the church it was back to my mum's for a party. There were about 40 people there plus kids. There should have been more but quite a few people didn't turn up as they were ill, probably with the same illness that is making my week a misery!

Victoria and my mum had been cooking for weeks to get all the food prepared. We had a hot buffet. There was Goulash, Thai green curry and a veggie chilli served with salad, rice, potatoes etc. There was also a wide range of desserts including Victoria's chocolate pavlova which is always delicious! Victoria also made what I think is her best ever cake which you can see above. She even made the teddy bears and letter blocks. Very impressive I am sure you will agree.

For some reason (maybe work the next day for most people) nobody got totally plastered. At Alice's Christening everyone got drunk but this time it was a much more sedate affair. Luckily this means that I have loads of booze left over and I am probably set for Christmas. :-)

There are pictures here and thanks to Chris agreeing to play camera man there is a video of the actual Christening here.

Anyway, thanks to Victoria and my mum for cooking all the food, thanks to Tim and Tracy for being Godparents and thanks to Alice and Amelia for being the best little girls a father could ever ask for.


The Author said…
It was the best day ever! I have watched the video and must say that you look a little like Brad Pitt ;-)

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