Vermin Final Score : Christian 5, Squirrels 0

It's all over!!! I have now captured all the squirrels that called my home their home and 'sorted them out'.

We had caught 3 adults so far, mummy, daddy and another squirrel that should have kept away, and there were just the babies left. The babies had not yet left the nest and so refused to come down into my traps. They were having a great time running up and down my roof and making a right racket!

Eventually I guess hunger forced them down. With no parents to feed them they could only last a few days and yesterday morning I found a baby in the trap. Excellent I thought, just one more to get.

Victoria then noticed that the other baby was hanging around it's brother and did not seem to want to leave. She then suggested I set up the other trap and see if it would enter. No way I thought. It's sibling is in a cage, obviously not enjoying it, and I am going to set up an identical cage next to it and expect it to enter for the promise of chocolate? Surely it can not be that stupid.

I was wrong. :-)

10 minutes later I had both squirrels trapped! How thick must these creatures be?

So that is the end of this saga. All the vermin has been sent to a better place. If there are any other squirrels reading this and thinking about re-locating to a nice new rooftop appartment in Dronfield that has just become vacant, I would think again!! The king of the squirrel catches also lives there. :-)


The Author said…
Oh Christian - they're so cute. You should have sent them to me and I would have kept them as pets. Tonight I shall hold a candlelit vigil to pray for your squirrels.
Anonymous said…
Oh Christian - they're so ugly. You should have sent them to me and I would have turned them into hats. Tonight I shall hold a candlelit vigil and pray you catch more squirrels.

Anonymous said…
hi christian. As a Briddon now living in Norfolk i think

a) you should try roasting the sqirrels and
b) Delia is brill - she saved NCFC

What a great site...


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