Anyone For Tennis?

This week I bought a Nintendo Wii. For those few who don't know, this is the latest video games console from Nintendo and features a unique control system where you wave the remote in the same way as you would wave the sword/racket/gun you are using in the game, so when playing tennis in the included Wii Sports game you hold the controller and pretend to hit the ball as if you were actually playing tennis. It's great!!!

Even Victoria wanted us to get one and she's a girl!!

Wanting a Nintendo Wii and actually finding one are two different things. Unlike the stupidly expensive Playstation 3, the Wii is clever, reasonably priced and it appeals to men women and children alike. This means that they are akin to rocking horse shit, ie, you can't find one. This is why it has taken me about 5 months to take the plunge. The only reason I found one at all is due to looking at the right website at the right time.

Now I have a Wii I am extremely impressed with it. Wii Sports lets you play tennis, baseball, boxing, golf and bowling and makes great use of the new control system. I also got the latest Zelda game which is also great.

The Wii connects wirelessly to the internet and you have a web browser built in. You can also download games from previous Nintendo and Sega consoles to play. It even tells you the weather and the local news!

Anyway, I love my Nintendo Wii and it is made even better because Victoria likes it as well and actually wants to use it. It may not be as powerful as the Xbox 360 or the PS3 but it is much more innovative in it's own way, and it appeals to a much bigger audience.

Anyway, just to finish this post, Victoria and I were bowling on the Wii yesterday and we were being watched by Alice. After a few minutes she decided she wanted to join in and so picked up a football and threw it at the TV!! She was delighted and squealed "I did it, I did it". She's so funny!!

Nintendo Wii scores 10/10!! Buy one if you can find one!


The Author said…
Oh No - I can feel an accident coming on - I hope you realise how dangerous these game consoles are!!!! Mind that you don't get a black eye, or break a light fitting. You do make me laugh because despite the outwardly appearance of being a respectable married man with a small child - you're just still a great big kid at heart!!! and it seems that Victoria is just as bad!!!

There are stories of people throwing their remotes through their TV's and hitting people in the face but I don't see how you can do this. I'm betting that it all happened in the Land Of The Buttheads (or America as they prefer to call it).

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