(No) Cricket At Headingley - 27th May 2007

So this weekend was the much anticipated trip to Leeds to watch England vs The West Indies in the cricket.

Unfortunatly the weather was against us. It rained all day so although we did see the ground we did not see any cricket. At least we get our money back for the ticket.

Not wanting the day to be a complete loss we instead went on to enjoy a day of drinking.

The day started at 8am at Sheffield train station. We got the 08:39 train to Leeds which was stupidly busy. There were 2 carriages and it was standing room only for the whole journey. It must have stopped at 8 stations on the way to Leeds to take on more people and it was very overcrowded when we finally reached our destination. Surely this is not legal! If they shipped cattle like this animal rights nuts would be digging up peoples granny's and if there was an accident then we would all surely die! I think the overcrowding is what caused Ian And Conrad to start drinking at 08:55!

Anyway, we reached Leeds at 10ish and after we met Dave we got a taxi to the Headingly Taps, a convenient pub near the cricket ground. It was packed at about 10:30 and everyone was in a good mood considering the rain so the atmosphere was good.

After a quick pint here we went to the cricket ground for more beer and to wait for the rain to stop. It never did. We were teased with the possibility of cricket at about 13:30 but then it started raining again. We had to entertain ourselves by playing Phil Buckaroo with his hood and plastic glasses.

At about 14:30 we left the ground for another near by pub, The Arc, and had more beer. After a couple of hours it became obvious that there was to be no cricket so we headed (via Subway) to Leeds centre. While half the group went to The Reliance the real men went to the North Bar for some stupidly strong beer served in a stupid glass. One of those was enough for me so we then headed for The Elbow Room, guided by Ian's knowledge of Leeds pubs. This was a cool pub with lots of pool tables.

We were joined by the rest of the group after about 30 minutes but Chris and Liv decided they were 'Tired' and were going home. Satomi decided to join them and Mark said he was ill so also left. The remaining 14 enjoyed an afternoon playing 'Killer Pool' which was fun. Ryan won the first round and I won the second. Ian said he was about to win round 3 but then we ran out of time. Yeah, right. :-)

We got the 20:20 train back to Sheffield. It was nice and empty thank god and we got 2 adjacent tables where we played poker and Tony made crank calls to the Carlsburg helpline.

Back in Sheffield and the evening continued with a drink in The Showroom. After this we headed up West Street and ended the day with a Popeyes Kebab (it's been a while. I've missed you).

All in all a good day apart from there being no cricket.

Anyone want to pre-book for next year? :-)


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