Subtle Changes

I made a few subtle changes to the website this morning.

Firstly I added some new blogs to the list. Dave "Thinks he looks like Magnum PI" Callaghan has just started a blog so I added a link to it. I'm sure it will be full of info on his son, Luke, and on Dave's geeky interests.

I also added links to Tony's blog and Chris Riley's blog as I read them often and have decided I can no longer be bothered to type the url's into my browser. Even bookmarks are too much work for me. ;-)

I have also seperated blogs from other links in the menu and it is in the links section you will find access to my Flickr page. There are also several sites I visit on a regular basis. I'm sure I will add more later. Of particular interest to anyone who keeps track of when those elusive US TV shows are airing will be My Episodes. Add the programmes you watch to your personalised list and it let's you know when to download them, er, I mean when they are on.

There is also a link to Briddon Bun's which has lots of pictures of Victoria's cakes. Will get round to doing her a proper website one of these days!!!

Finally I have added an admin section as I am too lazy to type the blogger login address into my browser whenever I wish to add a post.

OK, that's enough of that. I'm off to play Wii Sports!


Victoria has decided that her website should become a food blog. As she loves cooking and all things foodie she thought she would log her activities in a blog. I have therefore moved her link to the blogs section.

I would suggest you check it out here. I happen to know that upcoming highlights will be a report from the BBC Good Food show and probably a recipie for the god damn tastey cookies she just made. :-)


David Callaghan said…
This is a wierd one...

Some people think I am a Magnum PI alike... and others (like Victoria) think I look like Superman!

Then again... how in the hell does Harry Potter fit???

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