Every Office Has One!

Yesterday one of our servers stopped processing tasks, mails, everything. I spent at least an hour trying to fix the issue before getting totally stuck and confused. I can normally fix most things so this was very annoying

There is a guy in the office who looks after the network and does such things as patch servers. I'm not going to say who it is as you may know him. When I reached my confused 'but this should work' stage I asked this person "Have you made any changes to this server recently?". "No" came the reply.

After another hour of frustration I asked him again. "Are you sure you have not made any changes to this server recently?". "Definitely not" came the reply.

All in all I asked him 4 times and every time the reply was no.

This morning I was trying again to sort the problem when I looked at the patch log. Amazingly there was a patch installed over the weekend which had the name of the person who is the subject of this post all over it. This patch was not supposed to be installed on this server as it will break it.

"Oh yes, I remember. I did patch it" came the reply when I mentioned the patch log.

It's just one school-boy error after another. :-)

Some of you know the person I am refering to but I will not mention his name. Let me say though that everyone in my department all fight to have the day off after this person has applied fixes, upgrades or patches. :-)


Anonymous said…
not sure who you mean. and is it really worth 'labelling' this post with "numpty"? just a thought.
David Callaghan said…
everyone makes the odd mistake :)

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