Movie Review - Spiderman 3

I watched Spiderman 3 last night. I'd been looking forward to this as I liked the first two films, even though the second one went a bit flat in the middle. This time however the bad guy was Venom, my favourite of all the Spiderman baddies.

Having watched the film I now have a feeling of real disappointment. It was easily the worst of the three movies.

After an initial fight scene lasting a good 5 minutes it's another hour before we get another. The second one, with The Sandman, lasts another 5 minutes and that's it for another hour. In between all we get is Peter Parker with a supposed attitude as the black goop that got stuck to his suit makes him more aggressive and self-assured. It's crap! We have Peter walking down the street like John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever. He even does a little dance in a club. He then snaps at his landlord and that's it. Rubbish. This could have been done much more convincingly.

Anyway, it's not until the last 15 minutes of the film that Venom appears. He does not look particularly good, like a black Spiderman with a head resembling a South Park Canadian but with more teeth, and he's not malevolent enough. We also get lots of 'cute' scenes cut in during the fight which takes away from the little bit of action we do get to see.

All in all a rubbish third movie, with only the usual Bruce Campbell cameo saving this film from a zero score.

The Good:
Special Effects (when we see them!)
The god amoung men Bruce Campbell as the MaĆ®tre d’
Stan Lee Cameo

The Bad:
The story
All the characters spending half the time crying
Not enough action scenes



Nick said…
saw it yesterday. even worse than superman returns. could have been half an hour, and one villain shorter. But not sandman - he was cool, even though I expected him to be drinking more wine.

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