Nintendo Wii - Levelling The Playing Field

I've been playing video games for many years. I remember my brother and I playing Pong on our black and white TV when we were kids.

We've played Space Invaders, Phoenix, Asteroids, Star Wars, as well as home computer classics such as Elite, Way Of The Exploding Fist, Paradroid, Alien 8, Manic Miner, Knightlore....all the classics.

This video game enjoyment has continued into adulthood with Playstations, Xbox's and the ultimate format for games, the PC.

We now, after 30 years, come to the Nintendo Wii.

I like to think I am pretty good at playing games. Not the best as I also have a life but still pretty good. I did not expect to be beaten by, let's say, Victoria for example.

Unfortunately, my years of games playing have come to nothing as Victoria is constantly beating me at Wii Sports Bowling. She has even bragged about it on her new website.

This is not fair! I am supposed to beat her with my finely tuned reflexes and excellent hand/eye co-ordination.

I love my Wii but I think I will have to stick to playing Tennis! I can still win at that....for now.


Victoria said…
You have been so cruel to Joseph & Ben over the years, getting them to chant "Christian is the best"etc - that it is only fair that justice comes in the form of your wife! Untrained in the ways of video games & leaving you sniffling in a corner as you have been bowled out of the game!!
ps Love you !!
Tony Ruscoe said…
Tell me about it!

I've always been the best at everything (naturally) but Suzy's red hot at the bowling. I think it's because the girls use the usual "lob it down the alley" technique where us men try (and fail) to use skill and tactics.

She's crap at the baseball though, especially when I'm stood next to her putting her off with my crazy bowling skills... :-)
Tony Ruscoe said…
Sorry... I'm, like, so English. I obviously meant to say pitching skills. Afterall, it's baseball, not cricket...

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