Jane's 30th Birthday - 27th April 2007

Last Saturday was Jane's 30th birthday and she had decided to have a party. As Victoria and I don't get to go to many parties these days due to a certain little girl who shall remain nameless we were both rather looking forward to it.

As is the tradition for a party at Phil and Jane's fancy dress was the order of the day and a punk theme had been chosen by the birthday girl.

Victoria and I have a tradition of not bothering to dress up at these occasions as we don't really like fancy dress, but in this case we decided to actually make an effort!! Victoria created some t-shirts for us and back combed her hair along with some very nice black lipstick and nail varnish, while I spiked my hair and wore a t-shirt in the style of punk. OK, when I say spiked my hair I mean I tried. It has so many curles in it that it was a bit hard to get spikey but it's the thought that counts.

Victoria also made a cake for Jane which was also punk themed. You can see it above.

The party was great. There were lots of people there including some we had not seen for ages (Nick and Rachel especially) and Victoria and I managed to get extremely drunk. I think we actually managed to do it without insulting or upsetting anyone which was a bonus!

Happy birthday Jane and thanks for the great party. Victoria and I both felt VERY ill the next day which goes to show what a good time we had.

Pictures are here.


Anonymous said…
Glad you had fun.

PS - 28th not 27th April ;-)


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