The Wisdom Of Alice

Futurama is Red.


David Callaghan said…
Simpsons are yellow?
The Author said…
What do you mean? I know I'm easily confused but you've got me this time? Could you explain?
Futurama is an animated TV show brom the creators of The Simpsons. It is one of Alice's favourite TV shows which we are pleased about as it is better than watching Nick Jnr all frickin day!

When Futurama came on the TV the other day Alice asked me "What colour is Futurama?". After me guessing green purple and blue she said "No silly daddy, Futurama is red of course".

How can a TV show be a colour was my point? It's like saying Eastenders is grey. Oh wait, it is.....

Anyway, Alice says some funny things which I like to share.

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