Well Done Jenson!!!

Jenson Button finally got his first F1 win when he stormed to victory in Hungary.

The whole race was fantastic and Victoria and I were on the edge of our seats while watching it, especially for the last 10 laps.

Let's hope there are many more. :-)

The whole story is here.


The Author said…
Dan and I saw Jenson on Top Gear a few days ago and we both immediately fell madly head over heels in love with him!!!! He's sooooooo cute!!! and I'm glad he's won - because he was so nice and sort of humble...that's how girls think about these things!!!
OboeJane said…
Yeah, but can you really ignore that ridiculous facial hair???
The Author said…
Good point ...I don't really do "facial Hair" - however, not that I'm materialisitic in any way (!) but, the millions and the home in Monte Carlo may go some way to persuading me to ignore that one little issue - and anyway there's always a Gillette Mach 2!!!!
Anonymous said…
you might say after 100+ races he was hungary for victory :)
Anonymous said…
that's a terrible pun.

I was glad he won though. Better him than Christian's favourite personality-less German.

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