Restaurant Review - Moran's

Last Friday (18th August) Victoria and I went to Moran's on Abbeydale Road. What's this I hear you say? Christian frequenting a restaurant that is not The Supper Club? Well, sort of. Moran's was The Supper Club which is now owned by someone else, Bryan Moran, who used to be at Aitch's in Bakewell. I've never been to Aitch's but apparently it was very good.

As The Supper Club was my favourite restaurant I was initially rather upset when I heard it had changed hands and was apprehensive before we went. I need not have worried.

As we went in we were greeted by friendly staff and asked if we would like a drink at the bar before we went to our table. We decided this was a good idea and we ordered two Gin and Tonics.

We sat at the bar perusing the menu and we had real difficulty in deciding what to order as it all looked so good. In the end I started with the Scallops with a sweet chilli sauce and rocket, followed by the steak. Victoria started with the Tempora Squid and Monkfish and followed with the Guinea Fowl.

My Scallops was delicious, as was Victoria's Tempora. The dish comprised of 3 scallops and 3 roe arranged in a circle along the outside of the plate with the rocket in the middle, all sat on the sweet chilli sauce. Delicious. The Tempora was a little pile of battered fish bits with a sauce to dip them in. Also delicious.

The main courses were also excellent. I like my steak cooked 'Blue', which for the uninitiated out there means a good vet could probably still save the cow. It was fantastic. The meat was so tender that it just fell apart and it was cooked to perfection, ie, not very much. It was accompanied by a selection of roast carrots, beetroot, onions etc. Victoria's Guinea Fowl was also excellent. It had the texture of chicken but with 5 times the flavour. It was wonderful.

We also had some chips. They came with the steak but Victoria had them as a side order. They were amazing. The best chips we have ever tasted. If you ever go the Moran's you must try them!!

For drinks I had a bottle of house red. At £13.95 it was expensive for what it was but reasonable for restaurant prices and it went down very well. I also finished up with a laphroaig just to put a cap on the night. :-)

We really enjoyed our meal. The food was incredible and the staff were extremely friendly and attentive. It all makes us want to go back again.

The bill came to just over £90 so we gave £100 to include a tip. It was well worth every penny.

I may have loved The Supper Club but Moran's has managed to improve on it. I can't recommend it highly enough. My brother and sister-in-law went the night after us and both had a similar experience so we know it was not a fluke. Just go and you will see what I mean.

The Supper Club is dead. Long Live Moran's!!


Tony Ruscoe said…
Excellent! I can't wait to give it a go. I'm glad we managed to try The Supper Club before it disappeared though!

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