I'm Never Drinking Again....Again!

Last Saturday, the 29th July, Rob and Lucy (Alice's Godparents) invited Alice, Victoria and I to a BBQ at their house. There would be old friends there and Rob and Lucy are always such good company we jumped at the chance.

We arrived at about 15:10 and Rob immediately provided me with a nice cold beer. Alice wandered around and drew pictures while we chatted and had a generally very pleasant time. The company was good, the beer was good and the food was good.

At about 19:00 Alice was getting a little tired and so Victoria decided to take her home. Being such a good wife she had no objection to me staying on and having a few more beers. After all, there were quite few people from school there and it is always good to catch up.

While we were at Rob and Lucy's house everything was fine. More beer was drunk along with a little white wine, a little red wine and a little more beer. Things were going well. I was tipsy but nothing too bad. Then we ran out of beer and Rob suggested we go to the pub. Everyone agreed.

The Castle is a nice pub. A sort of suburban local that is always welcoming.

Tonight they had a Karaoke night.

Rob refers to the Karaoke nights in the Castle as 'Dirty Karaoke' as it is an evening of tarty women trying to sing Whitney Houston or Celine Dion. His description was a good one. It was dirty indeed.

I have to explain that by the time we got to the pub it was about 21:30 (I think) and Rob and I had been drinking since 15:00. We were several sheets to the wind.

Anyway, We stayed in the pub until about midnight (I think) and drank much more beer. This means I had been drinking for 9 hours. I was bladdered.

I'm sure there are some people reading this and thinking "I do that every week! You are a pathetic drinker who should be barred from all the pubs in this fair land". I would reply with 'I bet you are not 36 years old with a child who does not drink as much these days and therefore has lost much of his tolerance to alcohol, and when he does drink it's mostly wine rather than beer'.

I have to say that I had a really great time, and all respect goes to everyone else there that went down to town after the pub when I went home. Rob did however tell me on Monday that he has no recollection of going to town though. :-)

The next day was.....Hell on earth. I don't drink much these days and I have not been pissed on beer for quite a while. My head hurt, I felt sick (and apparently was after I eventually got home) I was dizzy, my whole body was numb. I could not even watch all of the German Grand Prix without lapsing in and out of consciousness.

I am writing this on Tuesday. I still feel a little bit poorly. I have only just looked at the pictures I took on the night and even the ones of Alice when I was sober are not good. The ones in the pub are terrible and I applogise to the subjects for my bad photography.

Anyway, the result of this excellent yet costly night are that I am NEVER drinking again. I know I've said it before but this time I mean it. Beer is not good for me.

Hold on, what's this email? Laithwaites are having a sale.............


Christian couldn't find me on Sunday morning, as after I'd put him to bed, our room was too hot & stank of beer, sick breath & farts so I slept in Alice's room!
How does that old song go "Can't help loving that man of mine...!"
Don't worry Sweetie, we've all done it & we'll ALL do it again! xx
The Author said…
Oh how I laughed...I've seen you drunk more times than I care to remember...does your bottom lip still poke out? And you always used to say that you would never do it again!!!! Glad to hear that occasionally you can still cut a dash with the amber nectar...way to go!!!!

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