Mablethorpe - 15th August 2006

So Victoria and I had decided to take Alice to the coast for the day. We looked at a map and essentially drew a line from Sheffield directly east until we hit the coast. We discovered that the nearest coastal town to Sheffield was Mablethorpe, so this was where we decided to go.

I wanted to walk along the beach and Victoria wanted to eat seaside chips and we were sure that Mablethorpe would fullfill these desires, no matter how bad it was.

We set off at about 9am and arrived at out destination at about 11:30. Things did not look good as we drove through the town centre. The whole place was full of amusement arcades, rock shops and invalid vehicle shops. Not a good sign. The townsfolk also looked like they were straight from chav hell.

We were not to be discouraged however as we did have somewhere to go that could not possibly be too bad, the local seal sanctuary.

The seal sanctuary was about 1.5 miles away from central Mablethorpe. We parked and were informed that the £2 parking fee was to be refunded if we were going into the sanctuary and that we could park there all day. Excellent.

The seal sanctuary was great. It had not only seals but lots of different types of birds, goats, horses and wild cats etc. Alice was in her element and was happily pointing out what type of animal we were looking at, although she does insist that anything in the water is a fish or a duck.

After the sanctuary we decided to go on a chip hunt. We set off walking down the road to Mablethorpe centre. After while we found a path that allowed us to walk with a sea view which was nice and this eventually took us to the 'happening' part of Mablethorpe.

Oh My God!!!!

I have always imagined that all British seaside resorts are tacky but this took the biscuit. I have never seen so many chav's in one place, nor have I ever seen so many cheap gold chains or ugly kids called Keeley or Cameron.

The whole place stank of chips and there was a fairground that over looked the beach. The beach in front of this hell-hole was packed with equally chavy people. Help, we thought.

We required seaside chips and so we purchased some from 'Mr Chips' chippy. They were to say the least, a disappointment.

After this lovely lunch we decided to walk back to the car on the beach. Just to the left of chav hell there was a sea break reaching out to sea so we walked over it and on to.........a mostly empty beach.

The chavs seem to like being crammed into chav hell in front of a smelly funfair in an area stinking of chips. The seem blind to the beach only a few feet away.

The beach we were walking on was lovely. It was clean, you could smell the sea, there was the odd person flying a kite but that was about it. It is strange to think that feet away was chav hell but we were in heaven!!

Alice loved the beach. She was having a great time splashing though the water and making footprints. We all had a really nice walk.

I can't believe that Alice walked all the way back to the car. 1.5 miles!!! She is only little and although she has long legs for ther age they are still only small. What a little trooper!!!

After we got back to the car we left for home having had a really nice day.

In summary, Mablethorpe is a horrible shithole and is everything bad you have ever read about British coastal resorts, but the beach is absolutly gorgeous as long as you are not directly in front of the main resort. I'm not saying I recommend it as a holiday destination but if you want to visit the coast for the day I would recommend it. Just avoid the town centre!!!

Pictures are available here.


The Author said…
Have never been to mablethorpe - but absolutely LOVE Whitby. It's so cool (and very chilly!) and the Fish and Chips are the best ever. The Abbey is fantastic and there's a great museum, and loads of cool funky shops, all selling stuff to do with Dracula. Loads of Wildlife, and a great Galleon that you can go onto. Next time go to Whitby!!!!
We have been to Whitby and Robin Hood's Bay before and it it indeed lovely. However, it is a bit too far to go for the day. We just wanted to see the sea really.
OboeJane said…
You're going to these places in the wrong spirit. It's like going on a club 18-30 and complaining about the noise.
Rach said…
I could have warned you about Mablethorpe. My friend's family had a static caravan there and they used to take me there for weekends. They were chavs.
Anonymous said…
Thanks for the heads up, we're going to Mablethorpe for a week in August. We chose Mablethorpe as it was supposedly less Chav than Skegness. Oh well, at least the dog will like it!
Anonymous said…
Mablethorpe is not only a run-down chav dump, but it is also boring. There is nothing to do apart from go to the see the seals. The place is called "Dalek City" - beware the mobility scooters. Absolute dump.

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