Graves Park Rare Breeds Centre

Today, for our latest day-trip, Victoria and I took Alice along to Graves Park Rare Breeds Centre.
We also took Alice's Granny, my mum. :-)

The farm we visited has lots of different poultry, goats, deer, rabbits, guinea pigs, proper pigs, donkeys, pony's, cows etc. They are all apparently 'rare breeds'. With many of these animals it is not hard to work out why they are rare breeds. It is because they look stupid.

Take for example the rabbit in the picture above. I refuse to believe that this very cute yet pathetic excuse for a creature could ever survive for one minute in the wild and it is probably so inbred that it has forgotten how to reproduce!

Still, we all had a really nice time and I am sure the people there do good work. Alice was once again overjoyed to see lots of cuddly animals but she seemed not to like goats, even though they were very friendly.

Pictures are available here.

Another fine day out that is to be recommended, especially if you have children with you.

Our next day trip is tomorrow. We are going to the seaside. We looked at a map and saw that if we head straight East, the shortest route to the coast we hit.......Mablethorpe. So that is where we are headed. Such a glamourous life we lead. :-)


The Author said…
I noticed the sign that said "Rabbits for Sale...£10", that's not too expensive for a nice stew!!!!

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