Restaurant Review - Rowleys in Baslow

We went for lunch at Rowleys in Baslow on Thursday. Victoria and I plus various family members.

Rowleys used to be a pub but is now fitted out like a modern restaurant. It's all very nice and clean looking and provides a pleasent atmosphere to eat in.

The lunch menu is filled with various English and Italian-ish dishes and there is quite a large choice. Many of the items on the menu are available in large or small portions so you can have them as a starter or a main course.

For starter I had a Chicken Caesar Salad and for a main course I had the pie of the day, which happened to be Steak. Both were excellent. The salad had fresh anchovies in it which was nice.

Victoria had the Harrington Stilton & Pea Risotto, which we realised was actually Cheesy Peas!! Excellent. It too was delicious.

My mum had the Basil Linguine, toasted pine nuts, wilted rocket which I would order if I went again as it was absolutly fantastic.

All in all an excellent meal. The prices are not too bad but I would love to see what the Fish and Chips looks like for £12. The fish had better be the last of something to warrant the price.

If you fancy going out into Derbyshire for lunch, give Rowleys a try. You won't be disappointed.

The menu is here.


The Author said…
Checked out the restaurant website - and was astonished to see link to local artist.....gosh, small world!!!!

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