Butterfly House - 16th August 2006

Yet another day trip, this time to the Tropical Butterfly House at Anston.

Victoria, Alice and I were accompanied by Victoria's mum, Sheila, and Alice's cousin, Joseph.

The Butterfly House is somewhat mis-named. Although there is a tropical butterfly house this is only a small part of what is on display.

The first thing you see is a big aviary filed with parrots. Next to this is a cage with a couple of very cute and very tiny monkeys. Following on from this you see a pen with a selection of ducks and rabbits. All this is before you have actually paid to get in.

Once you have paid you can go into the main part of the farm. You can stroke the goats, cows, rabbits etc and you can feed the tiny monkey things fruit using tweezers. You then move on to the pregnant goats, cows and pigs, all of which are very tame and come up to you to say hello and be stroked.

There is also a bird of prey centre with about 6 different birds in it, and in the afternoon you can watch the handlers flying the birds. You can also hold the birds yourself a bit later if you wish.

Then you move on to the tropical butterfly house itself. This is a big greenhouse really. When you walk in though it is so hot and humid that anyone who wears glasses will find them instantly steamed up!! Luckily my camera was OK.

Once you are able to see again you will see butterfly's flapping around all over the place, iguanas climbing around the ceiling, little birds running around by your feet, and parrots sitting on a cage waiting for you to feel them. It is a really great place to be, if not a little hot!!

Moving on there are crocodiles, snakes, cockroaches, tarantulas and beetles. My favourite though was a branch that runs all the way over the path that was full of leaf cutter ants. There was dustbin lid full of leaves on the other side of a fence and what I suppose is the nest on the other side of the path, linked by a tree branch with the ants carrying leaves across. You could pick them up if you really wanted.

Once again Alice really enjoyed herself and didn't want to leave. We actually all had a really nice day and this is another attraction I can't recommend highly enough.

Pictures are here.


Rach said…
That is a very scray picture. What is she supposed to be?
She's a little monkey. :-)

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