Stupid People Are Everywhere - Beware!

Alice watches some real crap on TV. She loves it but sometimes Victoria and I would rather throw the TV through the window than sit through one more second of Dora The Explorer or The Backyardigans.

One of the channels we do like her watching though is CBeebies, mainly because it does not put 15 minutes of toy adverts in-between each tv show like Nick Jnr does. Instead CBeeBies has presenters doing links in-between it's shows. They sing songs, read stories etc. Much better than adverts and we don't have to listen to Alice saying 'I want that' to each one.

Recently the presenters were changed on CBeebies. The previous two had been there for at least a couple of years and I guess they thought it was time for a change.

The new female presenter is called Cerrie Burnell and she is perfectly good at the job, moderately attractive in a children's TV presenter kind of way and Alice thinks she is great. She does however have only one hand.

Victoria and I think this is a great idea for children's TV. The world is full of different looking people and we think that if children see many different types on TV they will accept everyone as being 'normal' if there is such a thing.

Unfortunately not everyone thinks the same. The CBeebies forum has been flooded with parents saying how disgusting it is for there to be a disabled person on TV when their children are watching. They are saying that Cerrie is scaring their children and giveing them nightmares.

How stupid are these people? Children don't think anyone is different unless they are told they are different. Alice accepts that Cerrie had one hand immediately. I don't even think she noticed.

If these parents can't explain something like a disability to their children how will the explain something like death? What if someone they know gets injured?

Children are the easiest people in the world to explain something to. They accept whatever you tell them and if you take the time to explain things in a proper manor they will go away happy.

I pity these children who have such moronic parents and I applaud the BBC for employing her.


Chris said…
I think you should submit their comments to Speak your branes...
Anonymous said…
It could be worse, she could be a juggler!

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