Friday The 13th

As you may have noticed it is Friday the 13th. Although this is supposed to be an unlucky day I don't believe in such silly superstitions. I do however love horror movies and I am a big fan of the Friday the 13th series of films. I even like Jason X, Jason goes to Space!

Today sees the release of a remake of the original film. Yes, Friday the 13th is back.

I know exactly what will happen in this film. Some young, good looking people will go to Camp Crystal Lake for a weekend and Jason Voorhees will watch them having sex and running around naked and then decide to chop them all up in amusing and increasingly gory ways. At the end the one remaining survivor will think Jason is dead but something will happen that shows he is not and leave room for many many more films.

I personally can't wait to see this future classic. :-)


The Author said…
When I saw the original Friday 13th I screamed at the end - very loudly - and nearly got asked to leave the cinema. I can remember as if it were yesterday (by my reckoning I was 18 so it's 1981) and I hated the ending...made my nerves on edge for days - when he leaps out of the water. Scared the crap out of me!!! I have never watched another one since and probably never will!!!

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